Monday, October 15, 2007

Kothu Kadalai (Kabuli chana)Sundal - Navarathri receipes

Ingredients Required:

Chick Peas - 2 cups
Fresh coconut - half (if not available, you can use grated coconut which is readily available or the dry coconut powder)
Salt - According to taste
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Urad Dhal - 1/2 tsp
Green Chillies - 3
Asafoetida - a pinch
Curry Leaves
Oil - 2 tablespoons

Cooking Method:

  • Soak the chick peas one night before in water. Make sure you have enough water because chick peas absorb a lot of water.

  • Pressure cook this in the cooker after cleaning a couple of times and after adding some salt.

  • Fiter out the water.

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, urad dhal, green chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida.

  • Add the cooked chick peas and fry for a few minutes with constant stirring.

  • Add the coconut (grated) and mix well. Add some more salt if necessary. Cook for a few more min .

  • Hot yummy sundal is ready to be packed and given to people who visit your golu or ready to be eaten as a snack.

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