Friday, September 28, 2007

Pani Puri

Indian Food - The name itself makes your mouth water. There are innumerable varieties of indian food and so many different receipes which make them so special. Whether it is Chaat , or main course or desert varieties , there is nothing to beat indian food. I am going to try and add a post as frequentlya s possible to this blog . This blog will give you simple receipes whose ingredients are easily available anywhere in the world.

Pani Puri

Ingredients required:

For Pani:

1 bunch of mint leaves
1 bunch of coriander
2 spoons cumin seeds
1 cup tamarind water
1/4 cup jaggery
Blacksalt (kala namak) 2 tea spoons


You can either buy them from the market or make them as described below.

1 cup of Rava (semolina)
3 tablespoons of maida
Pinch of baking soda

Knead the above into a paste and make small out of it and fry them in oil. Nice crunchy little puris are ready


You can use potatoes, or kabuli chana(chik peas) , or yellow peas . Boil them and add a pinch of blacksalt and some red chilli powder and fill the puris with little quantities of these. Now fill the puri with the Pani made above and serve in a cup.
Feel free to add onions if you like.

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